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The Canine Carvery Story


Our company is dedicated to providing the best quality nutrition for your dogs. Everything that we have created at Canine Carvery is from years of research and personal observation of the positive effects that raw feeding has had on the dogs in our life. Our business is completely independent and does not receive royalties or funding from big business. Our goal is to provide honest and reliable information based on facts and personal experience.

The formulas developed at Canine Carvery are a result of having a dog suffer endless allergies and auto immune disorders which almost cost my dog his life. It was never an intention to start a business from all the hard work I put into developing the healthiest food possible. My goal when starting out was just to save my dog’s life. This was achieved and three years on, he is going stronger than ever. Once I discovered the amazing health benefits that raw feeding had on my three dogs, I decided that it was in the best interest of all dogs and their owners if I could share my knowledge and experiences. It has taken years of research, to come up with the perfect formulas which have huge health benefits and healing properties. 

Our Premium Raw Dog food is made from quality ingredients that are hand picked and sourced locally in Perth, Western Australia. Every packet is handmade to ensure that your dog is receiving the right proportions of all ingredients to promote optimum health. We understand how busy you are so not only is your dog's food prepared for you but is delivered straight to your door.

  • Every packet is individually inspected and handmade

  • Every ingredient is handpicked to ensure premium quality

  • No preservatives

  • No added chemicals

  • No fillers

  • Grain free

  • Human Grade vegetable, fruit and herb ingredients

  • Products that are as natural as possible

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