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Why feed raw

Dogs are suffering from allergies and cancers in record proportions. Dogs have the highest rate of cancer than any other mammal on the planet.

Research now shows that 90% of the allergies and cancers that dogs suffer are due to environmental and lifestyle factors. The biggest proportion of these factors come from poor nutrition. Research conducted states that dogs who are consuming a raw diet have a 90% decrease in cancer rates and their life span can double.

Although dogs have evolved overtime and their appearance on the outside can be vastly different, being that a German Sheppard and Chihuahua can look completely different. It does not mean that their insides or nutrient requirements are different to their wild ancestors.


If we look at a dog’s physiology. It is apparent that their jaw structure gives us an indication that their jaws have been adapted to a carnivorous diet with teeth that are designed to capture and pull apart prey. The digestive system also indicates that it is designed to eat raw meat and absorb a small proportion of plant matter such as vegetables, fruit, herbs and seeds.


A species appropriate diet is designed to include all the elements that a dog’s wild ancestors would eat in the wild. It includes, meat, offal, vegetables, fruit, herbs and natural based oils

The benefits for your dog

  • Creates a stronger, healthier immune system

  • Less allergic reactions

  • Shiny healthy coat

  • Superior muscle tone

  • Minimised doggy odour

  • Healthy teeth and gums

  • Improved attention span which has resulted in greater obedience

  • Easy to maintain a healthy weight

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Smaller poops with less smell

  • Minimal need for parasite treatments

  • Cheaper in the long run as minimised visits to the vet

  • Improved energy levels

  • Happier demeanour

The benefits for you

It can be time consuming and costly for you to create your dog a balanced raw diet so we have taken the trouble away from you so you can be confident that you are providing the best nutrition possible.

Our formulas are not only designed to maintain optimum health but our premium range may assist with solving your dog's health issues. Therefore reducing future vet bills and stress.

All our products are delivered straight to you door for your convenience.

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