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We all live active lives and to be healthy and active we need to nourish our bodies with essential nutrients. Just like you, our best friend is no different. The Lamb Formula created at Canine Carvery provides the necessary nutrients that your dog needs to be as healthy as you are so they can thrive in everyday life.


The Lamb Formula has been carefully designed to include a healthy portion of Lamb, liver, bone, eggs, vegetables, fruit and human grade herbs and supplements with the aim of improving the health and well being of your dog.


Lamb is high in Protein and may be a great choice for dogs who suffer from food allergies by other protein sources such as Beef or Chicken. Lamb is packed full of essential amino acids and is a good source of dietry fats, which help to sustain energy. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals which assist in muscle development and encourage optimum skin and coat health.


Lamb Formula 500g

  • Lamb/Mutton, Liver, Calcium (bone content), Carrot, Spinach, Apple, Egg, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Beans, Parsley, Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Dandelion, Chia Seeds, Kelp, Omega 3, 6 & 9 and Pepper

  • This product is only shipped to Perth Metro areas at this time. Our current delivery days are Thursday and Friday (please see our delivery information page to see when we deliver to your suburb. Please place orders prior to 4:00pm the day before your delivery day to be included in that delivery week. Thank you.

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